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About Dentcare Kenya Foundation

Kenya is in dire need of dental care as the number of registered dental practitioners is about 1000, while the country’s population is 43 million. Dental decay affects over 90% of the world’s population and in most low and middle income countries almost all decay remains untreated due to the lack of access to affordable oral health care. We, a group of dental surgeons, realized this need and formed this organization to provide oral health education and free oral health care services to Kenyans who can cannot afford to attend dental clinics.


Our purpose is to improve oral health in the community by providing free emergency dental care as well as providing oral health education as a preventative measure. We want to provide a platform to health care professionals to give back to the society and also encourage dental professionals to research prevalent dental problems in specific areas of the country in hopes of finding a more permanent solution.


Dentcare Kenya

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